Sparrow Studio | Noah’s Treehouse

Noah’s Treehouse

Noah’s mom asked us if we could do a treehouse for him, and we thought it would be a great project.  At the same time, we wanted to give our summer intern, Shegalla Choy, a project that would both challenge her in the technical aspects of architecture, and also expose her to the world of social engagement through architecture.  Shegalla chose a very simple element: the conventional 2X4 and 2X6 SPF member, and decided to challenge herself to come up with something unique and beautiful out of that. The 2X system lent itself to a “laminated” approach, and because of it’s modular nature, allowed Shegalla to use it in a fluid way, as walls and roofs incorporated gentle curves by incremental adjustments to the “lamination”. The wood was connected using simple wood screws. This simple system allowed some parts like the floor to be solid, while the walls and roof were perforated to allow light in, all of this while walls sweep outwards or in to create views or to duck trees, and the ceiling extends upwards in the direction of a ravine beyond their back yard.

Click for a time-lapse video of the build.